Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why Twitter might be correct in restricting 3rd party apps?

Outraged how Twitter banned Tweetro (Windows 8 app) because of some mythical limits of 100k user limit set by Twitter?

Though not pleased with Twitter decision to impose limits on bare clients given their shitty Android app and abandoning Mac app which used to be too good. But I come to conclude these 3rd party clients haven't evolved the way Twitter (and there web app) have evolved. Forcing developers to adhere to guidelines is part of the same reason to avoid Twitter getting hijacked by couple of apps used by most users. 

Remember UberMedia? UberMedia has got 5 different application for Twitter in Google Play Store for Android including newly launched Echofon (Free & Pro), TWIDROYD, UberSocial Pro. It's shady when same developer has 3 different app for Twitter, may be an tactics to overcome user limit? Likely TWIDROYD hasn't been updated few months before Echofon was launched.

And Twitter client have become something like an School/College project. Learning Android/iOS SDK, start with an Twitter app. This has resulted in flood of Twitter clients with no full feature and only confuse an non-techy person with no prior experience with Twitter clients.

To add this all every Twitter client does is,
1. Read Timeline
2. Retweet, Reply, DM
3. View Profile
4. Search User or hashtag

and then nothing. App targeting power users supports few more features,
1. Tweet Marker or remember TL position
2. Mute users/hashtag
3. X-Post to Facebook/Tumblr
4. Drafts

but what Twitter expects these power features to be are,
1. Read article or view image/video within client itself
2. Discover other users
3. And keep using Twitter.

An app becoming more than Twitter itself, isn't good for Twitter. All this put together is an big blow for developers who are developing Twitter client.

Will it hurt Twitter? Hard to say, few developers have stopped or pulled out their Twitter client and new ones are developing App.Net apps. Having not many 3rd party client didn't hurt Facebook that much but an not so useful client will.

In the end it'll come down to how Twitter plan to improve their client apps. Better follow Evernote, they give full attention to Mac, Windows, iOS & Android, and always make their client feature rich with fresh UI.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Has society changed?

"Never think what you have to offer is insignificant. There will always be someone out there that needs what you have to give.. "

Above was an quote from an IRC channel, which made me think how the way we help others have changed and how help offered has changed.

Given most government agencies has started to offer services via their site and data being released online most one needs is information on where to find it and what to do with it. All this had done is eliminate need for physical presence in offering help. Also has enabled anonymous help from faces which we may never see.

All this will have an defining effect on how the society will get shaped?