Monday, December 22, 2008

Set up Port Forwarding – Airtel modem + WRT54G2

Unnlae Unnale is an real nice movie and obviously one of my favourite. If you haven't watch it should give it a try. Wwondering what this movie has to do with the blog title? Movie had to be downloaded before watching it out.

Few of our friends have shared the movie as torrent and was trying to download using utorrent. This is where the problem startes, uTorrent kept reporting 'No Incoming Connections. Please check port forwarding'. So, I decided to fix that up as my torrent download was stuck at 4KBps.

My uTorrent had correct settings. uPnP was checked and randomise port on startup was unchecked. Everything looked ok and even modified kaspersky firewall rules to unblock traffic on port 22638 used by utorrent. But, still uTorrent reported problem in incoming connections.

Next up on the list is to verify settings on WRT54G2 router with DD-WRT installed. QoS disabled, who need it anyways, only corporates who wants to block traffic. uPnP was enabled and had entries for utorrent and skype. So, looked WRT54G2 wasn't causing any issues.

Everything in my network had correct configuration and still torrent traffic not working. Was breaking my head for an hour or so. And lastly tried to re-configure the ADSL modem. Its an Beetel 220BX model provided by my ISP. Its easy to configure and not much option to choose from. Thats what I thought till day. To change modem configuration fire up and come an page to modify WAN/LAN settings. I was wrong to assume the router had only these configuration options. Googing it figured out provides the advanced options and for port forwarding to work need to set up an virtual server under NAT. Not sure whose idea was to hide the advanced options.

And finally my torrent was upto the maximum speed and uTorrent reports all is fine. Happy ending and I'm watching 'Unnale Unnale' right now.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Few quotes ….

' ' ' '    " " "" " "

I'm not talking about the above single & double quotes for sure. When friend of mine had an Latin phrase as his status message, the search for what it means started. I ended up with few interesting phrases. Thought its worth sharing.

Le prix d'amour, c'est seulement amour. Il faut aimer si l'on veut être aimé.  (French)
The price of love, is simply love... one must love if one wants to be loved. ♥♥

aut viam inveniam aut faciam (Latin)
I'll either find a way or make one

dulce bellum inexpertis (Latin)
War is sweet to those who have never fought

Ad astra per aspera (Latin)
to the starts through hardworking

ex astris scientia (Latin)
from the stars, knowledge

Le plus grand faible des hommes, c'est l'amour qu'ils ont de la vie. (French)
Man's greatest weakness is his love of life.

A vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire. (French)
To win without risk is a triumph without glory.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Way to Hell

As far I know, all religions have created an imaginary place called people where sinners are tortured!!!

Well!! Going by rules dictated in all religious books more than 99% of us and our ancestors will end up in hell. Got to be an nice family meeting!!

The question is are all of these 99% people end up for ever in hell? Is god sarcastic to torture his people, whom he created, whom he loved?

And who tortures the people in hell? Not Saturn, who himself is a sinner. Is it the white angels, who symbolises peace?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Chennai to Pondicherry – Trainy wayyyyyy

Well, decided to take the rail route to Pondicherry instead of the regular ECR bus way. The route didn't looked too far , an additional 30km as the train goes via Villupuram. Life is about doing new things and I did went the rail way.

If you haven't heard about this train before, it starts from Egmore at 6.35 am. When it reaches Pondicherry? I couldn't find that in Indian Railways timetable. The best way is to travel by it. I didn't know anyone who have travelled in that train before.

Train did started off nicely. Yeah, sundal, samosa and all snacks did tatste very well for an empty stomach. Things did change, once the train to egmore from Madurai/Kanyakumari start coming off the opposite direction. An wait of 10 mins for each of those trains and the train did reach Villupuram by 10.15am. Not bad for people going to Villupuram. Another 40 mins, landed in Pondy.

So, 4.5 hrs to reach Pondy from chennai by train. May be an hour more than that by bus but an comfort travel adds the advantage.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Earth, Heaven & Hell

We obviously did hear a lot about the last two places though no proof for someone to have seen or been there before.

So, if given an choice which of the three places will you opt to live in. The only stipulation is you can't live if the place chosen doesn't exist.

The question is just for fun and nothing else. Had a thought we generally seems to think a lot about things which doesn't exist and care less about things which actually exist.

If heaven is an place of prosperity and hell is an place of sufferings, then what the place is Earth? An playground to decide where we go next, something like what we see in Gladiator.

Let me know of your thoughts.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Me & My iPhone

The first mobile phone I happened to use was an Sony Ericsson T100. Sleek and looked great to the old Nokia handsets. Next one which I happened to buy was an Noka 5300, with color display and FM.

And finally having seen lots of mobiles around, decided its time to go for mid or high end phone. So, what features does these phones should have? Touch screen, camera, wifi, music player. So, the phone that fits the requirement is Apple's own iPhone.

The only hurdle, iPhone not yet launced in India but still available. So, finally had my hand on the sexy and a bit weighty phone. So, it started well and then issues came. iPhone can't forward an SMS. May be iPhone is not deisgned to be used for that purpouse. Overall its an iPod Touch with GSM phone capabilities. As a iPhone nothing special in int.

The biggest hurdle I faced is when the roor password is changed for BSD subsystem. iPhone started looping in the home screen and gave be a bit of scare. Solutions where easily available in net to restore the firmware.

Here it goes, iPhone in Indai working on Airtel network with 1.1.4 firmware. And good story so far. Let me hope nothing goes wrong in iPhone hardware.

Anyone looking for help on iPhone in India do mail me, I would be glad to help. Don't ask me where to buy & I don't sell those or sugest them if you are lookin for an good mobile phone.