Sunday, April 6, 2008

Me & My iPhone

The first mobile phone I happened to use was an Sony Ericsson T100. Sleek and looked great to the old Nokia handsets. Next one which I happened to buy was an Noka 5300, with color display and FM.

And finally having seen lots of mobiles around, decided its time to go for mid or high end phone. So, what features does these phones should have? Touch screen, camera, wifi, music player. So, the phone that fits the requirement is Apple's own iPhone.

The only hurdle, iPhone not yet launced in India but still available. So, finally had my hand on the sexy and a bit weighty phone. So, it started well and then issues came. iPhone can't forward an SMS. May be iPhone is not deisgned to be used for that purpouse. Overall its an iPod Touch with GSM phone capabilities. As a iPhone nothing special in int.

The biggest hurdle I faced is when the roor password is changed for BSD subsystem. iPhone started looping in the home screen and gave be a bit of scare. Solutions where easily available in net to restore the firmware.

Here it goes, iPhone in Indai working on Airtel network with 1.1.4 firmware. And good story so far. Let me hope nothing goes wrong in iPhone hardware.

Anyone looking for help on iPhone in India do mail me, I would be glad to help. Don't ask me where to buy & I don't sell those or sugest them if you are lookin for an good mobile phone.