Monday, August 11, 2008

Chennai to Pondicherry – Trainy wayyyyyy

Well, decided to take the rail route to Pondicherry instead of the regular ECR bus way. The route didn't looked too far , an additional 30km as the train goes via Villupuram. Life is about doing new things and I did went the rail way.

If you haven't heard about this train before, it starts from Egmore at 6.35 am. When it reaches Pondicherry? I couldn't find that in Indian Railways timetable. The best way is to travel by it. I didn't know anyone who have travelled in that train before.

Train did started off nicely. Yeah, sundal, samosa and all snacks did tatste very well for an empty stomach. Things did change, once the train to egmore from Madurai/Kanyakumari start coming off the opposite direction. An wait of 10 mins for each of those trains and the train did reach Villupuram by 10.15am. Not bad for people going to Villupuram. Another 40 mins, landed in Pondy.

So, 4.5 hrs to reach Pondy from chennai by train. May be an hour more than that by bus but an comfort travel adds the advantage.