Sunday, September 7, 2008

Few quotes ….

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I'm not talking about the above single & double quotes for sure. When friend of mine had an Latin phrase as his status message, the search for what it means started. I ended up with few interesting phrases. Thought its worth sharing.

Le prix d'amour, c'est seulement amour. Il faut aimer si l'on veut être aimé.  (French)
The price of love, is simply love... one must love if one wants to be loved. ♥♥

aut viam inveniam aut faciam (Latin)
I'll either find a way or make one

dulce bellum inexpertis (Latin)
War is sweet to those who have never fought

Ad astra per aspera (Latin)
to the starts through hardworking

ex astris scientia (Latin)
from the stars, knowledge

Le plus grand faible des hommes, c'est l'amour qu'ils ont de la vie. (French)
Man's greatest weakness is his love of life.

A vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire. (French)
To win without risk is a triumph without glory.