Monday, December 22, 2008

Set up Port Forwarding – Airtel modem + WRT54G2

Unnlae Unnale is an real nice movie and obviously one of my favourite. If you haven't watch it should give it a try. Wwondering what this movie has to do with the blog title? Movie had to be downloaded before watching it out.

Few of our friends have shared the movie as torrent and was trying to download using utorrent. This is where the problem startes, uTorrent kept reporting 'No Incoming Connections. Please check port forwarding'. So, I decided to fix that up as my torrent download was stuck at 4KBps.

My uTorrent had correct settings. uPnP was checked and randomise port on startup was unchecked. Everything looked ok and even modified kaspersky firewall rules to unblock traffic on port 22638 used by utorrent. But, still uTorrent reported problem in incoming connections.

Next up on the list is to verify settings on WRT54G2 router with DD-WRT installed. QoS disabled, who need it anyways, only corporates who wants to block traffic. uPnP was enabled and had entries for utorrent and skype. So, looked WRT54G2 wasn't causing any issues.

Everything in my network had correct configuration and still torrent traffic not working. Was breaking my head for an hour or so. And lastly tried to re-configure the ADSL modem. Its an Beetel 220BX model provided by my ISP. Its easy to configure and not much option to choose from. Thats what I thought till day. To change modem configuration fire up and come an page to modify WAN/LAN settings. I was wrong to assume the router had only these configuration options. Googing it figured out provides the advanced options and for port forwarding to work need to set up an virtual server under NAT. Not sure whose idea was to hide the advanced options.

And finally my torrent was upto the maximum speed and uTorrent reports all is fine. Happy ending and I'm watching 'Unnale Unnale' right now.