Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Winter Solstice


Nut Buster Cake.... it was good than I had anticipated while purchasing :)


Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Tab

Lot has been happening in browser UI. Chrome is the one which has got the elegant design as of now with Firefox & Opera catching up. IE doesn't about it anyways. One feature that is common in all these browsers (including Safari, on windows it's a crap) have is the placement of new tab button.

Not an UI designer myself but I want menu & button to be easily accessible. So, what's the easiest way to open an new tab using mouse? Ctrl + T is obviously the simplest but weren't going to consider it because 80% of the browsing time there's no need for keyboard.

Look at the below screenshot,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

To blame or to praise?!

Thought behind this topic is simple, when we succeed in life should we consider ourself lucky or to be talented or destined to or its an supernatural phenomena(God's blessing) which is behind the success?

Common example, where we never got first rank in school which every parents expects.(I even got last rank at times) But, there is always a kid who gets the first rank. So, that brilliant guy in the guys praises the GOD for blessing him to be the best in the class which means GOD is someway or rather responsible for his success. The problem is, 'Is GOS responsible for other 50 kids in class not able to get first rank or pass all the subject'? And someone who gets 10th rank blame god for not able to get the top rank or praise god for what he gets? What about the poor guy who gets the last rank?

Are bad luck & god reasons we give for our failures? If so where god fits in? If we have to to praise god for our success then he's suppose to be blamed for our failures as well!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How much TIME really left?

World focuses on Global warming and the Copenhagen submit. Our leader pitching to reduce CO2 emissions and even discuss who should contribute more to save the Planet and human species.

Are they really saving planet or their people? If we are sure world is gonna end in 100 yrs, will we debate who is responsible to save and make the sacrifice? Survival is more important. Then why in the hell these politicians all agree green house gases are bad but don't want cut if off at the earliest. Stock market is the only thing that's gonna fell. Nothing else.

Remember watching an dicovery channel documentary about Antarctica have green trees & plants and no ice thousands of years back. Is that global warming too.

The real positive of all these things, we get an unpolluted world. Looking at things world is not really gonna end.

Lets go green no issues and be good for goodness. But, what's the real agenda and who is gonna benefit?

P.S: The only beneficiary might be people with Gold. Better be gold man rather god man. Why Saudi had to oppose global warming?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Google Matrimony – Why Not!?

Google had been busy eating up companies related to data from GPS navigation to DNS servers. Google does have an Indian HQ and matrimonial services looks to be ever green area to make money. So, why not Google enter matrimonial market.

All Indian youngsters are part of Orkut or have an Google mail and have their full profile data with Google. Well, few more info may be required though - Indian customizations. That should be more than enough to search for an bride or groom.

Google can make revenue from ads. Photo ads too. Paid profiles? May be paid profiles can be shown in ads. Google will suggest your partner based on Orkut profile, scraps and type of community joined.

Google connecting HEARTS.....

P.S: Had anyone searched any matrimonial site for Atheist/No Religious Belief bride/groom?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thoughts on Social Networking – 3

Continnuation of my previous post on Tumblr......

Ok, let me recollect how exactly I have used Orkut & Facebook. I try to find old friends out there on these networks or they find me and we add to each other contact list. That's it. Orkut & Facebook are like dynamic contact book, no matter if someone change their email id or phone number. Facebook phone book is exactly what we need. Not many use it and most don't want to share their phone number. Strange. This is the only real use Orkut/Facebook has, to publish our whereabouts.

As an addition to the above, we spam out friends with links, videos & photos. Yes, it's true most of us spam. One or two of status update is what I really read out of the hundred's of updates. And facebook apps are real spam, especially the game one - farmville, fishville, mafia wars. Looking at facebook feed, only thing I can conclude is people want to kill their time and want everyone to know about it. Yeh, I do spam a lot in the form of links via Google reader, Videos from YouTube and now combined via Tumblr.

Does all of these updates matter to all in my(and yours) friend list? I think NO. If I share video about Iluminati, it's gonna be handful of people in my friend list who would read it. So, Social networks provide another solution Facebook Group or Orkut Community to meet people who matches our taste. Back to square one. There are forums to discuss with like minded people and Orkut/Facebook isn't required at all. The only use is one login for all forums!!

When someone don't have Orkut/Facebook account, I find it strange. But, now I'm rethinking on this. Twitter explains people behavior a lot. Ppl just want to keep updating no matter if someone is gonna read it or not. Internet world gives this convenience, we never know if our friends really read our updates & spam!! Who cares anyway!!!

To conclude, social networking is full of noise (97%). Fortunately most of us just put it on mute but keep making noise ourselves.

Happy Spamming.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Surviving with Linux (Ubuntu)

One of the experimentation I had always tried and kept failing is to replace Windows with Linux. To be frank, every time I use Linux I go back to Windows deciding not to use Linux any longer. Well, haven't tried Mac yet. So, it's windows at the moment.
I have no intention to review any flavor of Linux but the Linux I prefer to use in Debian/Ubuntu. Debian in special because of rolling update.
What I expect from an OS,
  • Browse web at the maximum possible speed
  • Manage my music
  • Play video files
  • Support Java development
  • Manage my Photos
Does Linux does it,
  • Firefox is always there to browse web and now Chrome. Chrome is faster in Linux than in Windows. So, no probs here.
  • Managing music library was nightmare. Rhythmbox is no match to FooBar/iTunes. Banshee is ok though but I prefer to browse by Genre which banshee doesn't have. Exaile is no match. Banshee came close but if failed to read rating stored by songbird. Foobar still remains the winner.
  • Playing video files worked fine, had no problems whatsoever which I had few years back.
  • Java development with Eclipse/Netbeans in ok but with JDeveloper was worst. Java applications look like crap in Linux but was far better in Windows.
  • Managing photos was an total failure. F-Spot is an crap and Google never had native Linux client.

To summarize, I booted back to Windows. Having said that doesn't mean Linux or Ubuntu wasn't good enough to use. But, lacks application to be used. If I had Picasa & Foobar for Linux, would have been happy to use Linux. And for some reasons, I find most Gtk applications look like crap. Evolution looks like an 90's app. Same for KDE, haven't seen any good looking applications. I have no idea why gnome team wants to maintain Epiphany browser, when no one wants to use it. Instead could focus on other areas of Gnome.

Well, so I'll wait for Gnome 3.0 and hope things changes by then.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Are religions against Evolution?

Not an interesting topic, but my frank opinion on this.

Why religions have to be against evolution?Natural selection is part of evolution, Is it not God who controls nature if he exists?

Lets says I write a code today which adds two numbers. Well, I'm God here. Tomorrow I changed my mind, so the code multiplies two numbers instead of adding them. Is it evolution or creativity? Adaptability!

Both I guess, depends on how 'God' intended. In this case, 'me' who develops it!! May be I corrected my mistake with some known bugs. And yeh, that's why God doesn't everyone's prayer!!

Why to waste time on something which we don't know if exits?


Monday, October 26, 2009

Canadian Iluminati

This is an model of 'ancient' Canadian church in Civilization museum, Ottawa. Look at the 'eye' at the roof. Guez who were there in ancient Canada and where.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Lie….

Of late I love photography but without any faces. Yep, I didn't like having people in my photos. வரலாறு முகியம்மசே, so I do have faces in my photos that include my faces too. The one real use of it is to have it as profile photos. That's what everyone has in their mind while taking photos. How beautiful the place is, all wants them to look beautiful and not beauty of the place.

How many Orkut/Facebook profile photos have we seen? Is it possible to find someone by their profile photos? I doubt it. Either photos were modified with some pirated photoshop software. நான் நேர்மையனவனகும், I use gimp!! So, all we want is our photos to look pretty. That's fine though, if we consider Facebook profiles as some profile in video game we play. What's really funny is someone really pretty (gal though, I don't care if can guy look handsome or not) will have an cartoon as profile pic.

As it's easy to hack Google or bank account using information in Orkut/Facebook, samething is not possible using our profile photo, obviously it's now-way near the near look. All of us have our birth date, name, our education history, it's damn easy to fake. That's the only reason I try to sign up everywhere with user name 'linusr', kind of trademark! Should we start using our real photo as passwords!?

Guys, I'm editing one of my photo I took during my Qubec trip. So, keep watching my profile for an update.

Monday, October 19, 2009


காதல் என்று சொல்லிக்கிட்டு எவனாவது வந்தமண  பேச்சோட நிமடிகனும் இல்லடி டாஸ்மாக் போனோமா சரக்கு அடிச்சோமா கதை கேட்டோமா வந்தோம்னு இருக்கனும் . இதையும் தண்டி எதாவது பணனும்னு நேனைசொம்ன கடைசில நம்ள முட்டலகிடு போயருவனுங்க என்பதற்கா எடுத்த படம் போல இருக்குது நாடோடிகள்...

ஒரு சின்ன வித்தியாசம் , படத்துல வருற காதல் இன்றைய தேதில எங்கயும் நடகுரதிலல. அபடியே நடந்ந்தாலும்  இப்போ உள்ள ஜோடிகள்  அவங்கள்வே கல்யாணம் பணிகுரங்க , தேவைப்பட்ட அவங்களே காலடியும் விடுகுரங்க . அதமொததுல இன்றைய காதலையும் சென்றகால நட்பையும் வைத்து எடுக்கப்பட்ட ஒரு படம்தான் இந்த 'நாடோடிகள்'. பார்க்க நல்லாவே இருந்துச்சு என்ன கடைசில கதாநாயகனும் அவன் தோழர்தாலும் கால் , கது இல்லாம போனதுதான் வருத்தம்.

கதளிபவர்தளுக்த எடுத்த படமா இல்லை காதலுக்கு உயிரையும் கொடுக்க தயரதுள்ள நண்பர்தளுகாக எடுத்த படம்னு தன புரியல........

Note: Forgive the spelling mistakes, தமிழ் ல டைப் பண்றது ரெம்ப கஷ்டமம்ப


Friday, September 25, 2009

Tale of Two Sad Movies

Having watched the movie Autumn in New York couple of times, I could easily say it's an slow movie which not all would prefer to watch. So, an IMDB rating of 4.7 is understandable.



Autumn in New York was released in 2000 and couple of years from then A Walk to Remember was released. Same storyline but in an school/college environment. But, an IMDB rating of 7.1. How come?


Whatever may be I like Autumn in New York of these two and Mandy Moore.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Having so many passwords to remember is an pain!!! If you can no problems, no questions. Or if you happen to forget the password, how do you recover it? Seems Google and all online services provide password recovery services. They ask some 1 or more questions like, date of birth or school name, mother name and what give you back an new password. And few services give choices for password recovery questions.

Is it not stupid, login page doesn't have more than one option to authenticate but recovery can be done by some insane questions. Having access to Facebook/Orkut profile passwords can be recovered pretty much easily.

Should password recovery be more powerful than password itself!?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

An hour with Ubuntu 9.10

Three reasons why not to use Linux,

  • nvidia
  • nvidia
  • nvidia
Its horrible when an hardware manufacturer releases an sub-optimal driver for use. And nvidia laptop drivers are the worst one could use in Linux. If you happen to have an Laptop with nvidia graphics card, stay away from Linux or don't use nvidia proprietary drivers and without 3D effects.


An Week in Canada

The first time I landed in London, was kind of stranded not knowing where exactly to go. With the guy who was supposed to tell me where to come not picking up the phone, it was horribly funny. This time around when I knew what to do in case if I'm stranded but things went smooth.

Having lived in UK for sometime was expecting Canada to be relatively cheaper. But, what I found is totally different. Damn prepaid mobile plans, incoming costs me 40cents. I never knew there was an country where mobile providers charges for incoming calls. Horrible. It didn't end there, bought an 10$ pay-as-you-go for 40$ after tax & activation.

And for the worst, its impossible to survive Canada without an Car. Climate is horrible, can never predict when will it rain.

Somehow have spent last two weeks without any big problems. Hope things improve and become enjoyable.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Defense Budget

Every year our country's defense budget keeps increasing though the amount we spent on education and other people welfare remains more or less the same. Had the increase in defense budget improved our security? No. Still terrorist infiltrate into our country or home brewed terrorist do stupid stuff every now and then. And had we utilized the weapons we bought for billions to eliminate the threat? Again No. Still Pakistan does support terror activities and what we had done? We kept buying nuclear submarine, missiles and all sort of no-sense things which we don't use!! Whats the point of hiring an escort if you are not going to anything with her!

Either we utilize our weapons and army or stop spending on it. Instead we can improve living conditions of our people. No more slums, education for everyone and an prosperous future.

Friday, July 3, 2009

what goes up, has to come down

The politics over fuel prices has started again. Should government subsidise fuel prices? Well, an yes/no answer is not an solution to the problem but an delaying tactics. Problem is not fuel prices but our people doesn't have the money to buy. Simple as it sound. None of the government had done anything for the people. What Indian government does is liken an HR consultancy company. People as services and nothing else.

Loan waiver to farmers or subsidizing fuel proves the inability of the government. Nothing wrong increasing fuel prices. Public transports should be improved. Having an vehicle in each and every home, sounds good but will put more government to improve infrastructure of metros but not our villages. Giving tax holidays to billion dollar companies is not the purpose of SEZ.

As far fuel is considered, yes they should reflect market rates forcing people to use public transports or save fuel. Positive side effect, less traffic on roads.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Inflation good or bad?

Slow down in economy is no good. Agreed. No doubt over that, Is low or negative inflation bad? At the peak of the current economic crisis inflation is near zero. If you are wondering what inflation is, here is the definition from wiki, In economics, inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. So, it means value of money has increased. So, we can buy two chocolates instead of one at the same cost. But, Why governments see low inflation as bad?

Governments have borrowed lots & lots of money to improve and induce development in the country. Also have wasted money in military expenditures. How will they pay it back? Ofcourse they can print all those money. What will happen if they do so? Money loses its value and its called inflation!!

So, in an monetary system based on debt inflation is unavoidable. And money will lose its value over time. What it means, don't save money but save real assets like gold. Gold or silver value remains unchnaged its the money which had losen its value. And its the same reason investment is an must in our monetary system.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

US was bankrupt!! Who owns US now?

I was shocked to know US was bankrupt in 1930. The shock didn’t end there, then powerful nations Great Britain, Germany, Italy and France were also bankrupt at the same time.

England, what the hell did you do with the wealth robbed form us(India)?

When an company or individual gets bankrupted, someone had to bail them out and in return they vow something in back. With all powerful nations bankrupted who else will bail them out? Okay, and did these countries pay back the debt due to bankruptcy?

Isn’t not stupid, countries getting bankrupted? And its weird they weren’t no other nations to bail them out!! The entire banking system is corrupt and an piece of shit. Are individuals more than an nation? Whoever bailed out US & other nations can only be evil! Why these facts aren’t revealed to the world?

Another fact, US federal reserve is not controlled by American government or president!! Looks few people are trying to own the entire world and we can’t let that happen.

Come on guys wake up and look for the real facts. Information is readily available but we don’t see it. Whichever party we vote had made any difference? Policy remains the same whether its Congress or BJP, what’s the point of election? Looks election and multi-party system are invented for people to show their frustration without affecting the elite in continuing their evil plans.

All of existing systems, mainly banking & electoral process needs to be revamped. We can’t give power of decision making to the 540 MP’s, they can’t be trusted for sure. People should be involved in decision making, polling on critical decision should be put to vote by the nation.

Banks should be never in a position to control the nation. Private banks for better are not solutions in the long run.

Wake up before the credit policy & political entertainment eats up all!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

The only thing I hate about these festivals is waking up early!!! Doing things at an unusual does brings joy but spoils an days sleep as well.

Anyways, an interesting link about Jews receiving blessing of Sun made me think a bit. Was wondering if Easter is about Sun rise or Son rise after reading this!!

This leads to another question, how dates for Easter or Good Friday or Ash Wednesday is determined. Good Friday always does comes on Friday(had to :)) but not on same date. Why is it? If X’mas is on 25th Dec every year, why can’t be it for Easter?

The answer can be found in this link. The description is bit long but related to equinox, the very first day of spring. I read somewhere Jews celebrate the arrival of Spring!!! Coincidence Jews & Christians celebrate almost on same day (week) but for different reasons.

Why do different rule had to be followed for birth & death date? Any answers?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

How many more LAWS needed for our safety?

The recent increase in violence and terrorist actions across various nations had 'forced' many nations for stricter anti-terrorism laws. Ofcourse, safety of its civilians are the governments first most priority. Having more laws will improve the security condition? Will terrorism and violence fail?

I would like to consider the other angle to this problem. Safeguarding civilians or solving all issues relating to terrorism will bring peace? Here is an solution - all of us were put inside an secure fortess guarded by armed mens and hell lot of cameras watching us every second for our safety. Yes we will be safe and there is concrete proof for this solution. Have ever heard of terrorist attack on prison?

Are these laws and security measures putting us under prison with big cage? Are the governments supposed to solve the existing territory issues? Why do we vote to these governments? Is it not our mistake for giving power to these politicians?

Monday, January 12, 2009

In the name of FEAR

  • Why do we save money?
  • Why do countries build up arms?
  • Words are powerful but still stamp papers!!

And the list keeps going. Why fear? All these came from distrust?

Is there not faith among us? What’s reason which caused us not to trust our own friends, our own relatives? Think.