Sunday, February 22, 2009

How many more LAWS needed for our safety?

The recent increase in violence and terrorist actions across various nations had 'forced' many nations for stricter anti-terrorism laws. Ofcourse, safety of its civilians are the governments first most priority. Having more laws will improve the security condition? Will terrorism and violence fail?

I would like to consider the other angle to this problem. Safeguarding civilians or solving all issues relating to terrorism will bring peace? Here is an solution - all of us were put inside an secure fortess guarded by armed mens and hell lot of cameras watching us every second for our safety. Yes we will be safe and there is concrete proof for this solution. Have ever heard of terrorist attack on prison?

Are these laws and security measures putting us under prison with big cage? Are the governments supposed to solve the existing territory issues? Why do we vote to these governments? Is it not our mistake for giving power to these politicians?