Wednesday, April 15, 2009

US was bankrupt!! Who owns US now?

I was shocked to know US was bankrupt in 1930. The shock didn’t end there, then powerful nations Great Britain, Germany, Italy and France were also bankrupt at the same time.

England, what the hell did you do with the wealth robbed form us(India)?

When an company or individual gets bankrupted, someone had to bail them out and in return they vow something in back. With all powerful nations bankrupted who else will bail them out? Okay, and did these countries pay back the debt due to bankruptcy?

Isn’t not stupid, countries getting bankrupted? And its weird they weren’t no other nations to bail them out!! The entire banking system is corrupt and an piece of shit. Are individuals more than an nation? Whoever bailed out US & other nations can only be evil! Why these facts aren’t revealed to the world?

Another fact, US federal reserve is not controlled by American government or president!! Looks few people are trying to own the entire world and we can’t let that happen.

Come on guys wake up and look for the real facts. Information is readily available but we don’t see it. Whichever party we vote had made any difference? Policy remains the same whether its Congress or BJP, what’s the point of election? Looks election and multi-party system are invented for people to show their frustration without affecting the elite in continuing their evil plans.

All of existing systems, mainly banking & electoral process needs to be revamped. We can’t give power of decision making to the 540 MP’s, they can’t be trusted for sure. People should be involved in decision making, polling on critical decision should be put to vote by the nation.

Banks should be never in a position to control the nation. Private banks for better are not solutions in the long run.

Wake up before the credit policy & political entertainment eats up all!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

The only thing I hate about these festivals is waking up early!!! Doing things at an unusual does brings joy but spoils an days sleep as well.

Anyways, an interesting link about Jews receiving blessing of Sun made me think a bit. Was wondering if Easter is about Sun rise or Son rise after reading this!!

This leads to another question, how dates for Easter or Good Friday or Ash Wednesday is determined. Good Friday always does comes on Friday(had to :)) but not on same date. Why is it? If X’mas is on 25th Dec every year, why can’t be it for Easter?

The answer can be found in this link. The description is bit long but related to equinox, the very first day of spring. I read somewhere Jews celebrate the arrival of Spring!!! Coincidence Jews & Christians celebrate almost on same day (week) but for different reasons.

Why do different rule had to be followed for birth & death date? Any answers?