Friday, July 3, 2009

what goes up, has to come down

The politics over fuel prices has started again. Should government subsidise fuel prices? Well, an yes/no answer is not an solution to the problem but an delaying tactics. Problem is not fuel prices but our people doesn't have the money to buy. Simple as it sound. None of the government had done anything for the people. What Indian government does is liken an HR consultancy company. People as services and nothing else.

Loan waiver to farmers or subsidizing fuel proves the inability of the government. Nothing wrong increasing fuel prices. Public transports should be improved. Having an vehicle in each and every home, sounds good but will put more government to improve infrastructure of metros but not our villages. Giving tax holidays to billion dollar companies is not the purpose of SEZ.

As far fuel is considered, yes they should reflect market rates forcing people to use public transports or save fuel. Positive side effect, less traffic on roads.