Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Week in Canada

The first time I landed in London, was kind of stranded not knowing where exactly to go. With the guy who was supposed to tell me where to come not picking up the phone, it was horribly funny. This time around when I knew what to do in case if I'm stranded but things went smooth.

Having lived in UK for sometime was expecting Canada to be relatively cheaper. But, what I found is totally different. Damn prepaid mobile plans, incoming costs me 40cents. I never knew there was an country where mobile providers charges for incoming calls. Horrible. It didn't end there, bought an 10$ pay-as-you-go for 40$ after tax & activation.

And for the worst, its impossible to survive Canada without an Car. Climate is horrible, can never predict when will it rain.

Somehow have spent last two weeks without any big problems. Hope things improve and become enjoyable.