Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Lie….

Of late I love photography but without any faces. Yep, I didn't like having people in my photos. வரலாறு முகியம்மசே, so I do have faces in my photos that include my faces too. The one real use of it is to have it as profile photos. That's what everyone has in their mind while taking photos. How beautiful the place is, all wants them to look beautiful and not beauty of the place.

How many Orkut/Facebook profile photos have we seen? Is it possible to find someone by their profile photos? I doubt it. Either photos were modified with some pirated photoshop software. நான் நேர்மையனவனகும், I use gimp!! So, all we want is our photos to look pretty. That's fine though, if we consider Facebook profiles as some profile in video game we play. What's really funny is someone really pretty (gal though, I don't care if can guy look handsome or not) will have an cartoon as profile pic.

As it's easy to hack Google or bank account using information in Orkut/Facebook, samething is not possible using our profile photo, obviously it's now-way near the near look. All of us have our birth date, name, our education history, it's damn easy to fake. That's the only reason I try to sign up everywhere with user name 'linusr', kind of trademark! Should we start using our real photo as passwords!?

Guys, I'm editing one of my photo I took during my Qubec trip. So, keep watching my profile for an update.