Sunday, November 15, 2009

Surviving with Linux (Ubuntu)

One of the experimentation I had always tried and kept failing is to replace Windows with Linux. To be frank, every time I use Linux I go back to Windows deciding not to use Linux any longer. Well, haven't tried Mac yet. So, it's windows at the moment.
I have no intention to review any flavor of Linux but the Linux I prefer to use in Debian/Ubuntu. Debian in special because of rolling update.
What I expect from an OS,
  • Browse web at the maximum possible speed
  • Manage my music
  • Play video files
  • Support Java development
  • Manage my Photos
Does Linux does it,
  • Firefox is always there to browse web and now Chrome. Chrome is faster in Linux than in Windows. So, no probs here.
  • Managing music library was nightmare. Rhythmbox is no match to FooBar/iTunes. Banshee is ok though but I prefer to browse by Genre which banshee doesn't have. Exaile is no match. Banshee came close but if failed to read rating stored by songbird. Foobar still remains the winner.
  • Playing video files worked fine, had no problems whatsoever which I had few years back.
  • Java development with Eclipse/Netbeans in ok but with JDeveloper was worst. Java applications look like crap in Linux but was far better in Windows.
  • Managing photos was an total failure. F-Spot is an crap and Google never had native Linux client.

To summarize, I booted back to Windows. Having said that doesn't mean Linux or Ubuntu wasn't good enough to use. But, lacks application to be used. If I had Picasa & Foobar for Linux, would have been happy to use Linux. And for some reasons, I find most Gtk applications look like crap. Evolution looks like an 90's app. Same for KDE, haven't seen any good looking applications. I have no idea why gnome team wants to maintain Epiphany browser, when no one wants to use it. Instead could focus on other areas of Gnome.

Well, so I'll wait for Gnome 3.0 and hope things changes by then.