Saturday, December 5, 2009

Google Matrimony – Why Not!?

Google had been busy eating up companies related to data from GPS navigation to DNS servers. Google does have an Indian HQ and matrimonial services looks to be ever green area to make money. So, why not Google enter matrimonial market.

All Indian youngsters are part of Orkut or have an Google mail and have their full profile data with Google. Well, few more info may be required though - Indian customizations. That should be more than enough to search for an bride or groom.

Google can make revenue from ads. Photo ads too. Paid profiles? May be paid profiles can be shown in ads. Google will suggest your partner based on Orkut profile, scraps and type of community joined.

Google connecting HEARTS.....

P.S: Had anyone searched any matrimonial site for Atheist/No Religious Belief bride/groom?