Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How much TIME really left?

World focuses on Global warming and the Copenhagen submit. Our leader pitching to reduce CO2 emissions and even discuss who should contribute more to save the Planet and human species.

Are they really saving planet or their people? If we are sure world is gonna end in 100 yrs, will we debate who is responsible to save and make the sacrifice? Survival is more important. Then why in the hell these politicians all agree green house gases are bad but don't want cut if off at the earliest. Stock market is the only thing that's gonna fell. Nothing else.

Remember watching an dicovery channel documentary about Antarctica have green trees & plants and no ice thousands of years back. Is that global warming too.

The real positive of all these things, we get an unpolluted world. Looking at things world is not really gonna end.

Lets go green no issues and be good for goodness. But, what's the real agenda and who is gonna benefit?

P.S: The only beneficiary might be people with Gold. Better be gold man rather god man. Why Saudi had to oppose global warming?