Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thoughts on Social Networking – 3

Continnuation of my previous post on Tumblr......

Ok, let me recollect how exactly I have used Orkut & Facebook. I try to find old friends out there on these networks or they find me and we add to each other contact list. That's it. Orkut & Facebook are like dynamic contact book, no matter if someone change their email id or phone number. Facebook phone book is exactly what we need. Not many use it and most don't want to share their phone number. Strange. This is the only real use Orkut/Facebook has, to publish our whereabouts.

As an addition to the above, we spam out friends with links, videos & photos. Yes, it's true most of us spam. One or two of status update is what I really read out of the hundred's of updates. And facebook apps are real spam, especially the game one - farmville, fishville, mafia wars. Looking at facebook feed, only thing I can conclude is people want to kill their time and want everyone to know about it. Yeh, I do spam a lot in the form of links via Google reader, Videos from YouTube and now combined via Tumblr.

Does all of these updates matter to all in my(and yours) friend list? I think NO. If I share video about Iluminati, it's gonna be handful of people in my friend list who would read it. So, Social networks provide another solution Facebook Group or Orkut Community to meet people who matches our taste. Back to square one. There are forums to discuss with like minded people and Orkut/Facebook isn't required at all. The only use is one login for all forums!!

When someone don't have Orkut/Facebook account, I find it strange. But, now I'm rethinking on this. Twitter explains people behavior a lot. Ppl just want to keep updating no matter if someone is gonna read it or not. Internet world gives this convenience, we never know if our friends really read our updates & spam!! Who cares anyway!!!

To conclude, social networking is full of noise (97%). Fortunately most of us just put it on mute but keep making noise ourselves.

Happy Spamming.