Tuesday, December 22, 2009

To blame or to praise?!

Thought behind this topic is simple, when we succeed in life should we consider ourself lucky or to be talented or destined to or its an supernatural phenomena(God's blessing) which is behind the success?

Common example, where we never got first rank in school which every parents expects.(I even got last rank at times) But, there is always a kid who gets the first rank. So, that brilliant guy in the guys praises the GOD for blessing him to be the best in the class which means GOD is someway or rather responsible for his success. The problem is, 'Is GOS responsible for other 50 kids in class not able to get first rank or pass all the subject'? And someone who gets 10th rank blame god for not able to get the top rank or praise god for what he gets? What about the poor guy who gets the last rank?

Are bad luck & god reasons we give for our failures? If so where god fits in? If we have to to praise god for our success then he's suppose to be blamed for our failures as well!