Sunday, January 24, 2010

Celebrity’s and privacy…

Something which interests the whole world is to read some private information about actors, sportsman and all other public figures.

Is it fair for content publishers to do so? Is it fair we people to show interest in this?

I would be irresponsible to say 'It's not fair!' and still keep reading about it. For sometime I thought these people deserve privacy and it's not fair to intrude into it. Of late I started thinking otherwise. Reason, they are paid for it. So, it's not fair for an actor or sportsman to ask reporters & people to respect their privacy.

If our cricketers earn crores it's not only for their game (which they don't have much anyway) but also to keep us entertain off the fields as well. Given they earn more on advertising rather playing on ground, it's more or less fair.

Same holds for actors as well. Time has changed, we are in the world where we pay them to keep us interested & entertained rather paying if we are satisfied. By the way movies & music should have return policy like books & electronics..

Any objections?