Sunday, February 14, 2010

Easter an pagan festival?

X'mas always celebrated on 25th of December, every year. Nothing surprising, it's an birth date. Understandable. But, Good Friday which is typically an death anniversary. But, strangely it falls on different day of the year. Why?

Quick googling got me here. Looks easter is related to spring equinox. Again why?

Google took me here this time. Easter has more to do with Sun & Moon? Why is it X'mas and Easter date have to be calculated in different ways? Surprisingly Jews celebrate passover on the same day. Something doesn't fit here.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dream n Bigggggggggg

One question I never had an answer is about ambition!! Every time an new teacher comes to class, this question just piggybacks with the introduction. I always did choose the best 'previous' answer.

After hearing Kalam asking students to dream big... think big... was wondering what would be my ambition if I happen to dream big!!

Initially thought of scientist, this is attractive to say to the world. Thinking of Kalam what did he achieve at the end, he didn't up reviving India or what so ever. He still dreams and has reserved a place in coming school history books.... Good for him nuclear tests went through. So, this is ruled out. One thing I always liked in Kalam's talks is about righteousness. He stress that a lot in his speech. Unfortunately everyone ignores that part for some reason.

Why not be politician? That's crap, I don't want to be a fraud.

IT Pro, wow this is amazing and I already had enough of it.

Entrepreneurship? I'm too lazy for it and it needs my full time. No more 8 hrs a day job.

After thinking a lot, the only ambition/goal/job that suits me is to be God. I need not show up. Need not do the work because there will always be someone who's going to say I did the work. Can get what I want without asking without doing anything. This is real dream job... be an God.

After all these years I'm still uncorrupted. I just need the stupid money to live happily. Not all of them though.

Conclusion I still don't have an 'professional' ambition. As of now, God has got some competition to defend his position.

Monday, February 8, 2010

How are we bound to the Law?

Don't know why I thought of it, but it's an interesting question though. Why should I follow the law?

Simple it's an level playing field to live in the country. OK, but is there an way out of it. If ever I decide I don't want to be part of any country, what are my options? Other than living in an isolated mountains or an island there is nothing else I could think of.

Any ideas?

Friday, February 5, 2010

No Dell Ubuntu Laptops for Canada

16:21:08 Sunil                Initial Question/Comment: Ubuntu Laptops
16:21:28 System               You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
16:21:28 System               Connected with CA SALES Sabiha 1271
                              Thank you for choosing Dell Canada Chat sales and Finance. My name is (Sabiha Mehdi) ,my sales rep ID is (1271) , I’ll be your personal sale
16:21:33 CA SALES Sabiha 1271
                              your inquiry; you can check this link for today's hot deals., Also please check for the Free Internet service available in your area.
                              CA SALES Sabiha 1271 pushes page,
16:21:33 CA SALES Sabiha 1271
16:21:38 CA SALES Sabiha 1271 Hi
16:21:43 Sunil                Hi
16:21:54 Sunil                I was looking for Dell Ubuntu laptop
16:21:58 CA SALES Sabiha 1271 The only computer with Ubuntu is Mini
16:22:03 Sunil                can find obly Mini10v
16:22:07 Sunil                oops
16:22:17 Sunil                any plans to launch other Ubuntu laptops?
                              CA SALES Sabiha 1271 pushes page,
16:22:26 CA SALES Sabiha 1271
16:22:27 Sunil                I could find one in
16:22:33 CA SALES Sabiha 1271 We have no update on that yet
16:22:54 Sunil                ok, it means I had to wait n watch
16:23:03 CA SALES Sabiha 1271 yes
16:23:24 Sunil                ok, thnx for d info

Looks the only option Canadians (living in Canada) have to buy an decent Ubuntu laptop is System76.

Should I buy Pangolin Laptop instead on MBP?!