Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dream n Bigggggggggg

One question I never had an answer is about ambition!! Every time an new teacher comes to class, this question just piggybacks with the introduction. I always did choose the best 'previous' answer.

After hearing Kalam asking students to dream big... think big... was wondering what would be my ambition if I happen to dream big!!

Initially thought of scientist, this is attractive to say to the world. Thinking of Kalam what did he achieve at the end, he didn't up reviving India or what so ever. He still dreams and has reserved a place in coming school history books.... Good for him nuclear tests went through. So, this is ruled out. One thing I always liked in Kalam's talks is about righteousness. He stress that a lot in his speech. Unfortunately everyone ignores that part for some reason.

Why not be politician? That's crap, I don't want to be a fraud.

IT Pro, wow this is amazing and I already had enough of it.

Entrepreneurship? I'm too lazy for it and it needs my full time. No more 8 hrs a day job.

After thinking a lot, the only ambition/goal/job that suits me is to be God. I need not show up. Need not do the work because there will always be someone who's going to say I did the work. Can get what I want without asking without doing anything. This is real dream job... be an God.

After all these years I'm still uncorrupted. I just need the stupid money to live happily. Not all of them though.

Conclusion I still don't have an 'professional' ambition. As of now, God has got some competition to defend his position.