Friday, February 5, 2010

No Dell Ubuntu Laptops for Canada

16:21:08 Sunil                Initial Question/Comment: Ubuntu Laptops
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16:21:33 CA SALES Sabiha 1271
                              your inquiry; you can check this link for today's hot deals., Also please check for the Free Internet service available in your area.
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16:21:33 CA SALES Sabiha 1271
16:21:38 CA SALES Sabiha 1271 Hi
16:21:43 Sunil                Hi
16:21:54 Sunil                I was looking for Dell Ubuntu laptop
16:21:58 CA SALES Sabiha 1271 The only computer with Ubuntu is Mini
16:22:03 Sunil                can find obly Mini10v
16:22:07 Sunil                oops
16:22:17 Sunil                any plans to launch other Ubuntu laptops?
                              CA SALES Sabiha 1271 pushes page,
16:22:26 CA SALES Sabiha 1271
16:22:27 Sunil                I could find one in
16:22:33 CA SALES Sabiha 1271 We have no update on that yet
16:22:54 Sunil                ok, it means I had to wait n watch
16:23:03 CA SALES Sabiha 1271 yes
16:23:24 Sunil                ok, thnx for d info

Looks the only option Canadians (living in Canada) have to buy an decent Ubuntu laptop is System76.

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