Friday, April 2, 2010

Back to FireFox

Last couple of Chrome beta's & dev channel update for Linux had been so problematic.

1. So many page crashes. On the bright side, browser doesn't crash as the whole.

2. Image corruption on web pages. Scrolling the page mostly fix the corruption but still it's annoying. Every time I visit darkufo blogger page this happens for sure.

3. Backspace not working. This one is real frustrating. There isn't any option like in FireFox to enable it. Not sure if it's an regression bug or change in feature.

4. App tab not working in beta channel. For some reasons it happends every now and then in beta channel but not in dev channel.

With no clear date for an stable Linux version of Chrome, I had to come back to FireFox. Now back with Google toolbar. Miss the speed of Chrome & couple of plugins like quick scroll & Google dictionary. And of course the Chrome crashes. Let's see if Google releases an stable version of Chrome browser before releasing Chrome OS