Thursday, May 27, 2010


How do I or we accept friends request on social network?
1. Anyone we knew has already accepted the person?
2. Does profile photo look familiar?
3. Does personal information looks acceptable?
4. Is the person the one WE really knew?

In most cases I had to go with pt #1! If one person in friends list is fool makes me fool as well!. Is twitter or buss way of public profile simpler than FaceBook or Orkut?

Twitter gives feeling of secure rather than safety, when compared to FaceBook. Whatever goes online remains online.
Personally I happy to follow more people or have more followers in Twitter/Buzz than in FaceBook/Orkut mainly because  share stuff which I'm happy o share thoughts I'm open to.
And people/friends on Twitter are more open than on FaceBook/Orkut.