Friday, May 21, 2010

An week with MAC

I'm an MAC, I don't have BSOD!! Can MacBook pro be better than Windows/Linux pre-loaded ones? Lets see.

MacBook pro is my second Apple product after the iPhone 2G. iPhone had always been great though restrictive. Still remember how much fun it was to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone. No such fun with MBP. Why not mobiles be in the same way as their big brother.

Having used Windows & Linux before, one thing I expected out of Apple was better software and hardware compatibility. True, laptop works great but laptop froze once on very first day watching an movie and had to do an hard shut down. So, problem exists on all platform. Apple is no exception.

Trackpad & screen where outstanding. The best I had used. Mac OS is great. Installing application was the simplest of all. Keeping software updated is another story more of windows, Linux wins hands down.

Bundled Apple applications works great and is well integrated. As like any platform, 3rd party apps have compatibility issue as well. Tweetie, the popular twitter app for Mac has trouble with new MBP. With tweetie on, MBP runs on nVidia graphics card consuming more power. Hope twitter, new owner of tweetie fixes it at the earliest. Chrome has similar problems, any web page having an flash as will trigger nVidia. Safari & Firefox works great. Settled with Safari as default browser though Chrome is my first choice. Will wait for chrome to fix nVidia graphics trigger.

Ctrl key has been one of most used in Windows/Linux. It's the opposite in Mac, it's all MAC/Command key. There is no home/end button, what the heck? Yet to figure it out. And there is one delete button which works same way as 'backspace' key. Delete button?

Next one is interesting. Closing applications doesn't actually quit the application. It's like firefox runs but without any window. I don't mind this approach.

The bad thing about Mac is about finding free software to use. Most software available for Mac are paid stuff. The best free software I could find include TextWrangler,  Adium,  Cyber duck, Growl & Double Twist.

Overall I'm happy with the Laptop. It works but costs much.