Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The CROWD pressure

As dust settled down on Earth bacteria came out of something, few evolved to be monkey eating fruits & vegetables. Those are days where monkeys don't eat coconuts. One monkey out of tens may be hundred decided to try coconut. Assuming it's not something traditional and different what rest of population does, coconut eating monkey is the ONE like Neo. How would other monkeys treat it?

Similar to an classroom with low head count, say 10 students when one of student has an funky hair style. Rest of students may laugh or make fun but due to less head count they keep mingling and difference doesn't weight high.

Yup, now few monkeys can eat coconuts. No problem. When monkey population grows exponentially and if still few monkeys were only eating coconuts difference becomes huge.

20 more students join the class. Now the student with funky hair style is going to be made fun of and looked & treated differently.

Crowd pressure make everything looks the same and suppress innovation. In an world with strong preferences are we stuck in the cycle of natural evolution? To make an tasty curry, monkey needs coconut. Unless all monkeys realize to accept new and alternate ideas and views they are stuck. Did I mean being silent is suppressive as well? Yes, I do.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Music Listening Pattern

Experimenting with software has always been fun. One such exploration, started scrobbling my music listening to Last.fm. The good thing is scrobblers are passive, runs in background no need to care about.

After couple of years of scrobbling, I have listened to at least 18000 songs, not unique though. It's fun looking into what kind of songs  I have been listening and how.

No surprise, melodious songs are all on top of the list. And few songs which not many liked were on top as well. Last.fm can show weekly, monthly charts and can list based on time. Listening pattern is interesting though. Looks I have been hearing songs in burst i.e. once I start to like an song I keep listening to it crazily before flattening and adding it to an playlist. I suppose everyone does the same more or less?!

Another good thing, I can create dynamic playlist based on play count instead of ratings. Syncing iTunes & lsat.fm play count is easy. If you happened to use any other mp3 player, you are on your own to write some scripts.... it's all xml.

Check out my Last.fm profile. Share your's as well.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heaven… is it the Future?

Heaven is visualized as a place we goto after death if we happen to do good stuff on Earth.


That's what most of us where told. Based on that heaven becomes an place existing in Universe hidden from us. How correct this can be? Have we mis-interpreted the concept of heaven?

Someone can go to heaven only if they good - this can mean if all are moral future can be bright. Heaven after being dead - need not mean after-life but may refer to future generation.

Do good.. be moral.. to make earth an heaven... for better future!!