Friday, June 11, 2010

Music Listening Pattern

Experimenting with software has always been fun. One such exploration, started scrobbling my music listening to The good thing is scrobblers are passive, runs in background no need to care about.

After couple of years of scrobbling, I have listened to at least 18000 songs, not unique though. It's fun looking into what kind of songs  I have been listening and how.

No surprise, melodious songs are all on top of the list. And few songs which not many liked were on top as well. can show weekly, monthly charts and can list based on time. Listening pattern is interesting though. Looks I have been hearing songs in burst i.e. once I start to like an song I keep listening to it crazily before flattening and adding it to an playlist. I suppose everyone does the same more or less?!

Another good thing, I can create dynamic playlist based on play count instead of ratings. Syncing iTunes & play count is easy. If you happened to use any other mp3 player, you are on your own to write some scripts.... it's all xml.

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