Saturday, September 25, 2010

Android apps for India

Mobile app store has created a lot of fun and money. Are there any useful mobile apps for India? Searching android app store returned some pretty interesting apps. Here is my top 5.


India Clock Widget

Android without an widget? No way. Decent looking clock widgets. Nothing spectacular but will impress non-Indinas for sure.

Cricket India News

Mobile browsers suck. Here is an app to say up to date on Cricket news.


No official NDTV app for Android yet though there is an iPad app. Unofficial app does the job for android.

Indian Fairy tales

Haven't used this app yet but find it interesting. Hope they add more stories.

Matrimonial Alerts

This one is interesting. Can attract some audience for sure. Haven't tried this as well but applaud the idea.


Though I don't use most of the above app frequently, one app I use is Goundamani Sound Board. Nice collection of ringtone but remember to put you phone in silent mode if going for an meeting. Ringtones are funny though.