Friday, September 3, 2010

Facebook sharing screwed?

Has FaceBook's privacy setting screwed sharing and comments?

One common annoyance, let's say person A uploads an photo, person B comments on it. Person B is friend of mine and I can view all photos in that album but can't comment on it. Is this not insane? If I can view the photo, should I be not able to comment on it. How will person A knew I had viewed his photo album because person B liked/commented on it!!


I had to thank you all guys for bringing in your friends photos/links/videos for an great fun & time pass.

Another annoyance, can't like or share links/videos my friends(via his friend) has liked. I could re-share but doesn't it break the chain?

How do you guys feel about it? FaceBook got stuck between privacy and being social at same time!?