Sunday, September 26, 2010

For ever…

Looking at the title don't assume the post is going to be about LOVE. It's about software licenses. The only registered most of us buy is Windows, of course it's forced on us by the manufacturers. How about application that we use everyday? Like photoshop, office and so for which license has to be bought. There are always free alternatives and even open source apps which works flawlessly. All of this paid app has to be upgraded whenever an new version comes up which sucks. And if developer decides to update to an higher version too often I end up using an old incompatible piece of garbage.

I do love using open source app only if it works the way I wanted it to. There are apps that works but doesn't handle everything in an nice way and had to tinker it. The middle way is to find an app that we had to buy only once and keep upgrade use it for ever. However there are only two apps which provides such licence.


Surprisingly WinRar licence is valid for life. And it's the only archive app I ever had to use on windows. Even the trial version keeps working for ever but pops up an window evertime opened. Worth paying for an window user.


In an quest of finding an nice twitter client for MAC, I ended up using Echofon. It can sync unread tweets across devices, really useful feature which no other client offer. Free version works great but disaply ads for the developers to make money. Ads can be removed by purchaisng an licence which like Winrar works for ever. For MAC/iPhone users Echofon very well could be the ultimate twitter client. Did I mention it also works as an firefox extension?

Would be nice to know about other apps offering life long licenses.