Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why HTC Magic will be my last Android smartphone?

Impressed by the cute ads Motorola, HTC & Sony plays for their android devices? Looking to buy an Android smartphone? Keep reading.

First smartphone I ever used is iPhone 2G. It works great. Apps, syncs with iTunes, Outlook. All is fine till I lose it on Chennai MRTC.

Next adventure is with HTC Magic. Runs Android 1.5 when I bought, not as polished as iPhone 2G was, doesn't sync with iTunes (doubletwist can sync) or Outlook. Still it works well as long Google is all you use. Got some real great apps, syncs with GMail, Google calendar & Contacts.

Doesn't the two look even? It does when you buy the device.

After an year Android 2.2 is out and guess what HTC doesn't provide update for HTC Magic anymore. I was stuck with Android 1.6. Good for me I rooted my device and thanks to cyanogen I flashed Android 2.2. But I lose out warranty and official support. With lot many Android device coming out it's all messed up. Downloading Android and installing it on phone is not like what we do with Windows. Every android device seems to be running their own version of Android.

Now iPhone 2G if I still had with me, would had received constant update from Apple.

Buying Android from anyone other than Google, be prepared to be left out without updates after an year. Sadly Google no longer sells nexus one. Android has become more like old Nokia phone where the phone runs the same dull OS till it dies.

No android phones if there are no future updates. I don't want to have an brick after an year.