Sunday, November 21, 2010

Do we really need Instapaper?

Of late discovered few services which bookmark sites for later reading. Instapaper looks to be the most used. Thanks to the coverage of tech blogs, I did try out Instapaper. It does works as described. But do we really need it?

All of us comes across a link - interesting but bit lengthier or a video which we want to read it later may be once we get home. How do we manage it? This is where these services come in. Instapaper saves these 'bookmarks' in its server which we can access through their site or nice iPhone apps.

Don't we already have an easy way to do this? Bookmarks sync. Almost all browser support bookmark sync. Firefox, Chrome & Safari does support sync. For me it's MobileMe sync. All I do is have a bookmark folder to hold on these bookmarks.




Is there any other advantage with 'save for later' services?