Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moved to WordPress

Over weekend moved my blog to Wordpress from Posterous. This isn't the first time I've moved the blog, started with Blogger followed by an short stay with Tumblr and briefly with Posterous for an while and now with Wordpress.

All these services are good in their way and also have their down side. Tumblr isn't really blogging platform at all, it's more of Twitter+. Few may find Tumblr simplicity appealing. Blogger is good but not flexible other than good integration with adsense. Posterous is definitely better than Blogger, simple and works. Posterous is free as blogger but not sure what is their revenue model. May be premium themes like Tumblr. Blogger is all free as long Google can control content.

Wordpress on the other side of these free services. And comes at an cost but provides an full blogging feature. As long paying extra money isn't an problem Wordpress is the way to go. Custom domain mapping costs $12 which is free with Blogger/Posterous.

Overall I'm happy with the move to Wordpress. wp-admin is great. However importing blog from posterous had few issues though. I'll share it on my next post. Meanwhile I play with Wordpress themes.