Sunday, January 30, 2011


Watching 'How I met your Mother' the whole day and noticed an pattern on number of characters on TV shows, the hit ones.

Friends - 6 characters and story revolves around them and 4 end up as couple

Big Bang theory - 5 characters, including penny.

How I met your Mother - 5 characters, one couple in that, so far. I'm still on season 3 episode 15

Lost - 5 main characters, not including Juliet. There are other important characters though.

Logically handful of characters has to be manageable for story writers and also the producers. Downside story can't branch out like the Indian mega serials.

Is 5 an natural choice for story writers? Does it also has something to do with human psychology? No matter how many friends we have in Facebook, not all of them aren't close enough. And how people we interact on an daily basis? Pretty much in 4-6 range! Ofcourse the answer varies oh how one describe 'friends'.

Five had to be an magical limit in some way or rather. Just an thought I'm still chewing...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Human Brain has TRIM support?

After reading two unrelated posts on ArsTechnica, my brain thinks they could be similar leading to another post trying to relate them.

Recalling memories while asleep helps lock them in place: "Memories can also get replayed while we sleep, which is thought to influence their long-term storage. A study released over the weekend suggests that recall during sleep has a completely different effect from conscious recall."

So human brain recollects all crappy things we had experienced all day, tries to delete unwanted ones and archives the ones which are relevant. This explains why I remember the girl in another floor but not my manager. And why staying awake long tires the brain, archiving running parallelly?

Ask Ars: Of solid state drives and garbage collection: "most SSDs engage in 'idle' or 'background' garbage collection"

SSD's seems to be doing similar stuff as brain. Keep writing data as long space is available and delete them later when idle. All is done to improve SSD life.

Both brain & SSD seems to be doing idle garbage collection without the user knowing about it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mac Adress Book date field annoyances

Mac works! It really does. Like any software Mac has its own annoyances. One  strong point for buying Mac is how well bundled softwares are integrate and with iDevices. Sometimes this can lead to annoyances caused by system wide settings or settings changed by different application.

I love to keep things organized. Took a lot of pain organizing my GMail's address book. Mac's address book did a good job of syncing with GMail contacts including birthday's. Untill one day when no longer I could edit or add year field for birthday's. Crazy!! New contacts end up with default year '2000' reminding of Y2K. All of new contacts got younger making me look old.

Googling led to a discussion with one suggesting to delete address book preferences. Tried and nothing worked. Next stop is Apple support. Initial support person I guess was going by pre-written instructions - clearing preferences & caches. Nothing worked. One thing got confirmed, issue has something to do with my user account. She couldn't help and had to call a senior support engineer but had a solid 10-15 min wait time providing me some time to debug on my own. I hate when tech supports give me instructions like I'm using computer for the first time!! It's their product anyways!!

Recollecting what I had changed that would have caused the issue, stumbled across date preference which I did customize few weeks back. Short date format wasn't much different from long date format. Looked odd to me, so customized short date to include only month & day. As I said earlier Apple's software are well-integrated, address book is using short date format while editing but displays them in long date format. Inconsistency, definitely a bug in my eye.

Pics as it happened,


Sad original discussion on this is archived, I can't add the solution to it.