Sunday, January 30, 2011


Watching 'How I met your Mother' the whole day and noticed an pattern on number of characters on TV shows, the hit ones.

Friends - 6 characters and story revolves around them and 4 end up as couple

Big Bang theory - 5 characters, including penny.

How I met your Mother - 5 characters, one couple in that, so far. I'm still on season 3 episode 15

Lost - 5 main characters, not including Juliet. There are other important characters though.

Logically handful of characters has to be manageable for story writers and also the producers. Downside story can't branch out like the Indian mega serials.

Is 5 an natural choice for story writers? Does it also has something to do with human psychology? No matter how many friends we have in Facebook, not all of them aren't close enough. And how people we interact on an daily basis? Pretty much in 4-6 range! Ofcourse the answer varies oh how one describe 'friends'.

Five had to be an magical limit in some way or rather. Just an thought I'm still chewing...