Sunday, February 27, 2011

I just didn't mean to say ONLY hello

Most emotional part of life is when I had to say bye to people. Mostly not knowing if I'll meet them again. More often it does. And also places.

Every time I had to move to an different company or coming out of college/company there is always an excitement about what's going to happen next till the moment of departing. Last few days and hours are when I thoughts of what I'm gonna miss keeps haunting. I'm glad to hold more than few friendship through these changes.

As far Indian IT is concerned, onsite can bring good fortune money wise. Moving to a new country acquiring new friends is always exciting. Still remember my first trip to UK. Full of excitement and big smile with an empty bank account hoping to fill it. On the way to airport is when emotional part of me showed its not so pretty face. Out of nowhere thoughts of why I had to move out of India to a different place strike me down. Lot of thoughts were going on those 20 minutes to airport. All it took was few days in UK to get out of that. Same happened moving out of UK, never knowing if I'll come to this country again. Got used so much to UK and the only country I had ventured out of India, UK holds a special place. Nothing beats it.

After an year and an missed opportunity to Switzerland, here I am in Canada for more than a year now. And emotional part of me still thrives. It's wholly my choice to go back but that doesn't take away anything from Canada. Winter here sucks but still I'll miss it. Almost packed, all set to go and had to got through this again. Will miss playing tennis for sure.

It's hard to predict what life has in store for us. That is what makes life interesting and also sucks. All of these trips out of home definitely had impact on ways I do think and definitely on how I react. Definitely made me realize the liberal & free thinking part of me.

Two big breaks and back in home. All is well to move forward in life.

P.S -  Meeting friends, partying helps a lot. And faster broadband.