Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Indian Black Money holders - Manoj Dhupelia

TEHELKA last week released 15 of India's top black money holders. After going through the list realized I didn't even heard about none of those. So it's time do some research on them. Lets start with Manoj Dhupelia.

He is founder of V B Desai Financial Services Limited invalid in merchant banking and company is publicly listed. Surprisingly his name is no longer listed as founder of company, as per website. Google archive of the page as on 28-Jan lists Manoj Dhupella as one of founder of the company. Interestingly other founder Late Mr VB Deasi was member of BSE and consultant of RBI.

Manoj Dhupelia is member of Kolkatta stock exchange. CSE website lists MONOJ DHUPELIA & MONOJ DHUPELIA STOCK BROKING SERVICES PVT.LTD as members. I presume MONOJ is wrongly written.

Isn't it conflict of interest to be member of a stock exchange and also run own brooking service?