Thursday, April 21, 2011

Disconnecting Airtel Landline/Broadband?

India is diversified. So does Indian telecom companies. Reliance the untrustworthy company sending false/hidden charges. BSNL with poor customer service. Tata telecom which no one recommends. Airtel has somehow got people opinion as a good service provider with good customer service.

As customer base explodes overall customer experience comes down. How a company manages growth but also keeping existing customer happy explains how the company will perform in long term.

Door step service, let it be mobile or broadband connection Airtel is really good in this game. Moment you SMS/Call Airtel for new connection one could expect an activated broadband connection in an day. Same happened with me 3 years back and continues. But what has changed in customer support after purchasing the connection. To get the proper support either you had to call daily or try to disconnect the connection.

First time when I changed my broadband plan, all it took was 2 days. After years it has become 5 working day but in reality nothing happened for two weeks. Once I start talking about termination, I became an special customer now promised to change broadband plan in 1 day and discounts for next three months. Huh.

Didn't take any discounts from Airtel but instead I moved to BSNL. Why? I was able to get new BSNL connection in 3 days, not bad. And for an better price than Airtel. Bottom-line getting new connection is easier and cheaper in most cases.

Having disconnected now I become an evil customer. It's even impossible to get status if connection was terminated and what's the settlement bill amount. I waited for couple of weeks and nothing. And then a letter from Airtel, that I had return modem/phone in person to their office as per agreement within seven days. Failing so Airtel will take legal action. Another reason to read agreements especially about termination. Fortunately had an Airtel office nearby. Those guys even want an non-working modem back.

Good thing I wasn't sent any bill afterwards. Reliance was sending bills post termination beyond termination to one of my friend.

BSNL service isn't bad as I had imagined. All good so far but please upgrade support system, looks really ancient. But works.