Monday, May 2, 2011


Looking back at bad decisions, most where made when things where like cat on the wall. To call heads or tails? Pick one out of luck? Half-hearted bad decisions are the worst. Bad decision taken in full control never felt bad that bad.

Patience helps in overcoming half-hearted decisions. Not all the times it was required to hurry on the decisions. But never give a commitment. Remember my school trip where I decided to join on the last day, waiting for an impulse to take a decision. Too much of waiting can erode the options and end with no options at all, so need to take a decision at all.

In most cases problem seems to be the fact none of the options where attractive enough to decide. But still had to pick one. Better option will be to skip it all together? Choosing best out of worst isn't easy but not that difficult. Accepting reality is. And there are always more ways than what people say.

Have you taken any half-hearted decision and felt bad later?