Saturday, July 16, 2011

Government's IT services of poor quality?

Having worked in enterprise IT development & support, I pretty much knew how streamlined the IT support process are for customer care agents if they face any issues. Being used few Indian government IT services my experience is mixed, especially on how their IT support operate.

Filing income taxes online works smoothly. Try 'Contact Us' link by mailing to the support id provided, you'll never get back response. Their mission mantra is 'Use it while it works'.

BSNL is much better, may be because they were an ISP. Though their website is horrible it works mostly.

IRCTC has well known story about 8AM service. Better of all government related ones.

Tamilnadu electricity bills can be paid online. Trust me it's an luxury considering how their offices work. TNEB has enough manpower to collect bills in their offices but their internal IT infrastructure is unreliable. Two hours I waited to pay bill, thrice their network broke down 'Unable to connect to server'. And these guy don't contact IT support but refresh the page every 2 mins. That's how they operate to great inconvenience to consumers.

It's most possible few well known Indian IT companies may have provided these below average IT services. How do they take credit for these poor services?