Sunday, January 8, 2012

What to do with Twitter?

Using Twitter is only limited by choice one make. Want to follow breaking news or music bands or an private message to a friend? No problem Twitter can do all that. Problem arises on how to consume all these tweets from various corner fo the world. Facebook manages these by prioritizing messages based on whom one interacts a lot and silently hiding updates from less active friends. Twitter does it in different way by not showing unread count. Ignoring updates is common to both networks.

'More' is a problem with Twitter as with any social network, especially for someone like me who don't like missing an update. My twitter client of choice Echofon remembers last read position making things easier. What happened lately is my following got out of control. If one were to explore 'whom to follow' suggestion we'll end up spam like posts in TL. None of people or blog sites or news feeds I followed in Twitter were spam. But as whole I started treating them as 'spam' and start to ignore posts which looked uninteresting on first glance. This is exactly when reading links in tweets went down and interacted less with other tweeples. Simply couldn't keep pace with least hundred of tweets every hour. Looking for a solution started to use Instapaper/Pinboard to mark posts to read later. Unfortunately twitter isn't my day job, filtering what to read and what not to. 'Read Later' wasn't the solution. Un-following is the only way out. But whom to unfollow and how pick on similar ones?

After some thought came with a solution to use combination of Twitter and RSS feed reader.

  1. Unfollow ones who simply linked RSS feed to twitter and have no intention of interacting on Twitter. Quite a lot of new sites do that. Almost all Indian news sites other than FirstPost are simply bots. Would we buy more than 2 newspaper? NO.

  2. Unfollow Science & Maths related ones, as it requires some quality time to read properly. RSS reader is best fit for this.

  3. Unfollow people (not real life friends) who spent all day on twitter and chatty. One line jokers & funny people mostly, good to have them in TL but not must.

  4. Use twitter lists to catch up with casual ones without the need to follow.

What is left is - breaking news, gadgets & technology, friends & random people with interest in similar topics (Politics, Business, Cricket, Liberals) with whom I may agree or disagree.

After all these my twitter TL is under control. Even after a hectic day I can pretty much catch up all things happened in Twitterverse.

TL;DR - RSS isn't dead. Following more than 150 active twitter accounts is spammy.

PS: Initial comparison between Twitter & Facebook is to show Facebook is no better.